The objective of this program is to facilitate personal transformation by integrating character ethics, personality ethics, paradigm shift, and habit formation through the principles of Inner Engineering

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  • Duration: 02:30 Hours
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 Program Title: Inner Engineering for Personal Transformation


The objective of this program is to facilitate personal transformation by integrating character ethics, personality ethics, paradigm shift, and habit formation through the principles of Inner Engineering.


The program is designed to span over 12 weeks, with weekly sessions lasting 2 hours each. Participants are encouraged to engage in daily practices and reflections outside of the sessions.

 Week 1-2: Introduction to Inner Engineering and Self-awareness

- Session 1: Introduction to Inner Engineering: Understanding the concept, purpose, and principles.

- Session 2: Self-awareness and Mindfulness: Practices to enhance self-awareness and cultivate mindfulness in daily life.

 Week 3-4: Character Ethics and Values

- Session 3: Exploring Character Ethics: Understanding the importance of values, integrity, and ethical conduct in personal growth.

- Session 4: Identifying Core Values: Reflective exercises to identify personal core values and aligning actions with values.

 Week 5-6: Personality Ethics and Emotional Mastery

- Session 5: Personality Ethics: Exploring personality traits, emotional patterns, and their impact on behavior.

- Session 6: Emotional Mastery Techniques: Tools and practices for managing emotions, developing emotional resilience, and fostering positive emotional states.

 Week 7-8: Paradigm Shift and Belief Systems

- Session 7: Paradigm Shift: Understanding and challenging limiting beliefs, cognitive biases, and habitual thought patterns.

- Session 8: Cultivating Growth Mindset: Techniques to foster a growth mindset, embrace change, and adopt empowering beliefs.

 Week 9-10: Habit Formation and Behavioral Change

- Session 9: The Science of Habit Formation: Understanding the neuroscience of habits and behavior change.

- Session 10: Habit Design and Implementation: Strategies for designing new habits, breaking old patterns, and sustaining positive changes.

 Week 11-12: Integration and Continuation

- Session 11: Integration Practices: Reviewing progress, addressing challenges, and integrating learnings into daily life.

- Session 12: Continuing the Journey: Developing a personal growth plan, setting goals, and committing to ongoing Inner Engineering practices beyond the program.

 Supplementary Activities:

- Daily Practices: Participants are encouraged to engage in daily mindfulness meditation, reflection, and journaling.

- Group Discussions: Opportunities for group discussions, sharing insights, and supporting each other’s growth journey.

- Guest Speakers: Inviting experts in psychology, neuroscience, and personal development to share insights and perspectives.

- Online Resources: Providing access to online resources, readings, and guided meditations to supplement learning.

 Program Facilitators:

The program will be facilitated by experienced instructors trained in Inner Engineering principles, mindfulness practices, and personal development techniques. Facilitators will provide guidance, support, and personalized feedback to participants throughout the program.

 Evaluation and Feedback:

Regular feedback sessions will be conducted to assess participants’ progress, address challenges, and gather insights for program improvement. Participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience and suggest areas for further development.


Inner Engineering for Personal Transformation aims to empower individuals to cultivate inner growth, develop ethical character, and lead a life of purpose and fulfillment. Through a holistic approach integrating mindfulness, values-based ethics, mindset shift, and habit formation, participants will embark on a transformative journey towards self-realization and holistic well-being.